Rocket League How to Accept License Agreement Ps4

If you`re a PS4 owner who loves playing Rocket League, chances are you`ve encountered the “License Agreement” screen that appears when you try to launch the game. While it`s important to read and accept the terms and conditions, sometimes it can be frustrating when you just want to play your favorite game. Here`s a quick guide on how to accept the license agreement on PS4.

Step 1: Launch the Game

First things first, you need to launch the game on your PS4. Make sure your console is turned on and connected to the internet. Locate the Rocket League icon on your home screen and select it.

Step 2: Wait for the License Agreement Screen to Appear

Once you`ve selected the game, you`ll be taken to its main menu and you`ll need to wait. After a few seconds, the license agreement screen will appear. This screen contains important legal terms and conditions that you need to agree before you can play the game.

Step 3: Read and Accept the License Agreement

Take the time to read the entire license agreement. It`s a long document, but it`s important to understand what you`re agreeing to before you accept it. To scroll through the document, use the directional buttons on your controller. Once you`ve read the agreement, select the “Accept” option to confirm your agreement.

Step 4: Start Playing Rocket League

Congratulations, you`ve successfully accepted the Rocket League license agreement on your PS4! You can now start playing the game by selecting the “Play” option on the main menu.

In conclusion, accepting the Rocket League license agreement is a necessary step to play the game on your PS4. Take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to them. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you`ll be able to accept the license agreement quickly and easily and enjoy playing Rocket League.

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